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Established in 1996, China GuDian Furniture industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and sex chair designer integrating R&D, production and distribution of top grade board office furniture, school furniture and home furniture. Our custom sex chairs products have multiplicate styles, various kinds, rich colors and ample sex chair designs and our products fully satisfy the requirements of different consumer groups.
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sex chair

Let’s be honest here, inflatable furnishings have never exactly oozed major appeal in the design stakes – or at least they didn’t until now. And in this respect the Swiss made AirSeat seemingly manages the impossible – namely by being the sort of inflatable seat you might actually want to be seen using yourself rather than just inflating whenever your mother pops round (its always entertaining to watch anyone trying to use an item of inflatable furniture in a moderately dignified fashion, don’t you think?). Not only does the AirSeat look unusually good but it has been designed to be utilised in a number of ways, either as a recliner with a handy inflatable foot rest or as a standard seat whereby the inflatable footrest serves to keep the seat in the prone position. Sex Chair is a multi-positional sexua intersourse chair, It was designed with a specific purpose in mind, to assist and enhace the sexual gratification when users engaged in various sexual positions.Using the sex chair requires no special skills or agility.Even those with physical limitations can enjoy our products.The art of making love is out of rigid and flat bed Some of the products accomodate massage function to enhance health. Welcome back to the world of adventure & health!
sex chairs

The HarmonySystem, a novel bed-alternative helps all couples improve their sexual pleasure by enabling you to stand or sit during lovemaking. This provides safe and comfortable experimentation with exciting and pleasurable positions that beds will simply not support. It brings more adventure and sensuality to your lovemaking. And if you or your partner have painful joints, arthritis, heartburn or are overweight, lovemaking on a bed may be frustrating, uncomfortable – even painful. By enabling you to comfortably and safely make love standing or sitting the HarmonySystem will reduce your discomfort or pain and improve your sexual satisfaction. If you're like 40% of men and 50% of women*, you've had a problem with sex at some point in your life. Many of these "problems" are physical in nature such as back pain, knee pain, heartburn and/or being overweight which make lovemaking on a bed frustrating, uncomfortable - even painful. (* Newsweek, May 29, 2000). Facilitates massage and resistance exercise. Choose from two seat colors two seat sizes.
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